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A Dynamic New Risk Solution Coming In 2023


We solve problems. Ideally, before they occur.

Through our risk management practice, we assist clients of every size, scale and scope with designing, developing and implementing targeted risk management programs and controls. From FCPA and global trade to corporate governance and ESG, we take a systematic approach in creating right-sized, cost-effective solutions for our clients.

When our clients face their toughest days, our crisis management practice stands ready to assist. From resource state assessments and redeployments to crisis communications and managing the day-to-day, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to see them through their most complex challenges.

Explore Our Practice Areas


Titan Grey supports clients across a wide range of industries and lines of business across the globe. Our scope of coverage includes, among others, the following:

Advertising, Marketing & Branding
Banking & Financial Services
Celebrity & Influencer
Construction & Engineering
Consumer Packaged Goods
Consumer Retail & Services
Creative Design
Defense & Aerospace
Event Production & Venues
Fashion & Beauty
Food & Beverage
Hospitality, Travel & Leisure
Investment Advisors & Private Funds
Life Sciences
Logistics & Shipping
Manufacturing & Industrial
Media Production & Publication
Medical & Healthcare
Metals & Mining
Music & Entertainment
Non-Profits & Charities
Private Equity & Venture Capital
Real Estate
Representation & Management
Software & App Development
Sports Management
Technology & Hardware

Topics In Focus

Recent global events have highlighted several key areas of business risk, including the following:

Data Privacy
Supply Chain
Employment Litigation

Risk management isn’t always a top-of-mind subject for business leaders. We get it.

But in today’s business environment—full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity—risk management has never been more essential.

Because so many of our clients are new to risk management, we, as consultants, often find ourselves taking on secondary roles as risk management educators. And so, it’s in that spirit that we’ve put together our “Risk Management 101,” a short primer on the art and science of business risk management.

It’s a short read, and will change the way you understand risk.

Risk Management Facts & Figures


Year-Over-Year Increase In Cyberattacks In 2021

$2.4 B

Losses Due To BEC/EAC Incidents In 2021

$3.8 B

SEC Judgments &
Orders in FY 2021

$384 M

EEOC Recoveries & Resolutions in 2021

The best time to get in touch with us is before you think you need us.

Whether it’s for routine risk management or for gaining control over an emergent crisis, our resources are best deployed when there’s pre-existing organizational familiarity between you and us.

Getting in touch with us comes at zero cost to you, and our professionals would be happy to discuss your organization’s risk management challenges and objectives on a complimentary introductory call.

Whether you choose to hire us now, or save us as a “break glass in case of emergency” option for later, establishing a connection between your organization and Titan Grey sets up a ready resource to protect your business in times of risk and crisis.


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