Venture Capital & Private Equity


When your business is the risk-adjusted deployment of capital, risk management is often front of mind. Our clients in the venture capital and private equity industries rely on Titan Grey to manage risk both within their own businesses and those in which they invest.

Within their own businesses, venture capital and private equity firms rely on Titan Grey to provide tailored solutions to everyday risk management challenges. From regulatory compliance to business continuity planning, personnel matters to cybersecurity program development, Titan Grey is able to help venture capital and private equity clients reinvest in their own businesses to ensure stability and preserve value.

Within their portfolio companies, Titan Grey offers its venture capital and private equity clients the ability to take an active role in securing their investments by deploying full-spectrum risk management solutions into the businesses in which they’ve invested. Recent headlines have been rife with coverage of startup stories gone wrong. Whether from causes related to personnel matters or business model gaps, product safety issues or outright fraud, when investments in early stage businesses go awry, it is almost always due, in part, to a failure of risk management. Titan Grey’s deep experience in working with early stage companies allows us to seamlessly deploy risk management tools, procedures and frameworks without disruption to business as usual. While business personnel may be laser-focused on building their core value proposition, Titan Grey is able to embed as a partner, ensuring that the business is being built in a reliable, long-term sustainable way. The result is an inarguably better investment our venture capital and private equity clients.

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