The Disruption Imperative: it’s what all startups have in common. The need to innovate, design-around or just outright break the paradigms in a given value proposition and deliver something new. At its core, that’s what separates true startups from “would-be” startups or any other type of business on the planet. And that’s why we, at Titan Grey, have segmented out “Startups” as an industry classification unto itself. Because, from a risk management perspective, startups have a unique set of challenges associated with being truly disruptive. Whether you’re a standalone company, a unit of a larger organization, or just a group of people with an idea, what you’re setting out to do–i.e., take down an existing way of doing business and replacing it with your own–is risky. In addition to the usual set of risks concomitant with starting a new business, you also potentially have to contend with regulatory inquiries about your new product, active resistance to your business by existing competitors, pitching to VCs, and more.

Titan Grey can help. Our business model allows us to deliver best-in-class service in risk management and operations build-out at a price point that’s suitable for startups fresh out of the gate. Our goal is to help you get the admin stuff right from the onset, so problems don’t crop up later in your lifecycle, while taking up minimal budget, so you can spend more on building your business.

If you’re running a startup and worried about anything other than building your product and bringing it to market, call us, and we’ll figure out a way to help get you back on course.

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