Sports Teams


As with any large organization, professional sports teams in the 21st century have a wide and multi-faceted business. From players and coaches to brand licensing and social media, it can be tough to get a handle on it all. And while management personnel have a clear imperative to drive value and grow the business, recent headlines about misconduct and organizational failings have caused distractions from that mission at several teams in almost every league. Titan Grey’s approach is to partner with our client organization’s management team, clearing the deck of ad hoc firefighting and creating a stable, systematized approach to minimizing risk and contending with issues that detract from enterprise value. We use policies, procedures, training, attestations and audit trails to foster a culture of compliance within the organization as it pertains to the organization’s goals for its personnel, operations, marketing, finances, and more. Whether an organization’s pain points stem from employee workplace conduct or inadequate protection of intellectual property, Titan Grey is able to provide targeted solutions identified risks so that the organization can get back to focusing on winning, both on the field and in business.

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