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Whoever said back in 2000-whatever that social media couldn’t be a business was…well, wrong. If you’re an influencer or social media company, you’ve realized one truth about the 21st century economy: you don’t need to be a big business to be a brand. But, that being said, whether you’re a big business or an individual person, if your brand has value, your brand has risk. Whether it’s managing contracts with content partners, partnering up with co-creators, presenting at an event or even managing your staff, there’s ways things can go wrong and there’s ways to prevent that. At Titan Grey, we’re here for it. Literally.

With our budget-conscious projects for social media companies and influencers, we’re able to deploy a suite of risk tools and frameworks similar to the ones we use for our large organization clients. We tailor workflows to fit the individual ways in which you do what you do, and can take a more active role in the management of risk around your business should the situation call for it. No matter what the world may throw at you, Titan Grey will guide you through it.

We’re not all downside management, though. Titan Grey is also able to offer advisory services on how to grow your business, whether that’s through intellectual property generation, new partnerships, product development, or starting a business. Services like these were once only available to large businesses at a high price. Titan Grey’s business model has innovated around that, allowing us to bring best-in-class services down to the small-business level. The results, we think, will be game-changing.

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