In a changing global economy, it’s no surprise that many companies across a variety of sectors are utilizing both in-court and out-of-court restructuring and reorganization processes to transform their businesses in order to keep up with today’s challenges. The process requires a concerted effort of various stakeholder constituencies, often each with their own legal and financial advisory representation, working to resolve claims, streamline business operations, cut costs and and create lasting future value. With its cost-sensitive business model, deep experience in the field, and existing global relationships with legal and financial advisory firms, Titan Grey is uniquely positioned among risk management consultancies to deliver significant operational value, particularly when resources are limited. We work hand-in-hand with law firms and their clients, often partnering with financial restructuring advisors to bring operational life to plans of reorganization. Whether tasked with conducting enhanced due diligence, facilitating asset sales, weighing in on risks associated with changes to a debtor’s business model, and more, Titan Grey stands ready to assist companies emerge from restructuring and reorganization as a stronger, more resilient organization for years to come.

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