In the 21st century media environment, there’s one main driver of a hotel company’s success: the brand, the brand, the brand. Successful hotel business leaders are curators of their brand, with the constant need to evolve it, protect it, and grow it. Titan Grey’s value-add is on that second point: the critical need to protect the brand. From staff incidents to facilities and maintenance issues, any hotel brand is unfortunately one viral social media post away from managing a crisis. And with scale, of course, comes increasing unpredictability. The inability to know when or from where a risk to the brand may emerge. Neither Titan Grey nor anyone else can entirely stamp out risk. However, what we do promise is the ability to give hotel businesses the tools and frameworks necessary to itemize, inventory and control risks, thus enabling the business to reduce their total number of incidents, and prevent, to the greatest extent possible, those incidents from becoming full-blown crises.

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