The work of governments across the globe is largely that of risk management. From the providence of social services to matters of national defense, the work of governments serves to prevent risk as it pertains to its constituency (i.e., its citizens) the way the risk management work of a company serves to prevent risk as it pertains to its own constituency (i.e., its customers, its employees and its shareholders). Titan Grey is honored to be able to offer services to government entities across the globe who wish to augment their risk management capabilities. These engagements generally involve Titan Grey working at the direction of a third-party law firm which has been engaged by the governmental end-client to provide advice on a given matter or matters. Titan Grey generally serves as an operational resource of that law firm in delivering augmentation or amelioration of certain key functions to the client and establishing forward-looking steady state for the function to be administered by the client’s existing staff and / or new personnel.

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