Food & Beverage


In today’s internet-driven society, food and beverage businesses find themselves directly and constantly in the crosshairs of the rating and reviewing public. This is a clear double-edged sword. But while your business most certainly has personnel and projects focused on better offerings and better service to keep five-star reviews flowing, there’s also a strong need to prevent, to the greatest extent possible, the negative ones. Whether inadequate supply chain controls cause contaminants in ingredients to flow through to your end customers, or mismanaged distributor contracts cause shortages of popular menu items, it’s clear that internal risk controls are a crucial part of creating a sustainable long-term business. With deep experience in the food and beverage industry, Titan Grey is able to offer tools and frameworks to manage risk at a cost that’s acceptable to a business segment in which capital is needed in a variety of other places. While we cannot accept payment in gift cards (unfortunately), Titan Grey is able to work with food and beverage companies of all sizes to help mitigate threats and decrease volatility in business.

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