Financial Services & Investment Management


With its consulting roots deep in the financial services and investment company sectors, Titan Grey is intimately familiar with the challenges facing firms in the industry. Whether from regulators, federal and state law, obligations to clients or obligations to personnel, the requirements placed on financial services and investment companies can be crushing. Titan Grey, leveraging its years of industry experience, is able to offer tailor-made solutions to legal, risk and compliance departments within these organizations to control risk, ensure compliance, manage enforcement, and reduce costs to provide a stable platform for the firm’s growth and value. Whether shoring up deficiencies in cybersecurity infrastructure or assisting in the compilation of data for regulatory reporting, Titan Grey offers firms the ability to receive crucial assistance without subjecting the business’s revenue to undue cost. Titan Grey engagements are designed to onboard critical resources and tools to in-house departments, freeing firms from dependency on outside consultants and allowing them to make risk management and compliance a regular part of “business as usual.”

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