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From talent misconduct to location security, contractual breaches to licensing requirements, the risks prevalent in the film, television and other video media production industries have not changed much over the years. What has, however, is the size–or should we say, sizes–of businesses involved in it. Gone are the days of large studio and network hegemony. In today’s tech-savvy, decentralized world, a veritable galaxy of businesses in all sizes and locations have risen to become creators of world class visual content. Whether you or your organization create feature-length films or digital shorts, network television or an online webseries, certain risks are always involved. Whether it’s in obtaining proper permits for filming or signing agreements with vendors, the process of creating video content in this day and age requires certain business processes to exist, to function smoothly, and to function with the organization’s production goals and risk tolerances in mind. Titan Grey’s approach respects the way in which individual companies, producers and directors work. While some matters, such as those pertaining to legality, must go one way and not the other, we find that we are able to tailor a large proportion of our service deliveries to fit the individual needs of the production at hand. Some risks, which earn little value for the production, are not worth taking and are circumscribed by controls. Others may prove central to the production’s core value (e.g., it’d be difficult to shoot a documentary on a raging global conflict without venturing into that global conflict). However, even necessary risks can be negotiated and, to some extent, controlled. For any storm which must be weathered, Titan Grey’s product flexibility allows production businesses to draw the line between enough risk and excessive risk. Our video production clients are often our boldest; we endeavor to help them be bold safely.

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