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For colleges and universities today, there are headlines which enhance the institution’s reputation, and those which damage it. The damaging ones, it seems, have been pervasive in the beginning of the 21st century. Allegations of sexual misconduct, donor funds from sources of ill-repute, and fraudulent research produced by institutional labs are but some of the litany of recent headlines which have caused colleges and universities to suffer irreversible reputational damage, to experience donor flight, to be the subject of civil and criminal legal proceedings, and more. In administering large organizations, it is entirely impossible to stamp out all risk at all times. However, the introduction of sensible risk management controls, complete with policies, procedures, training, attestation tracking, audit trails, and more, can prevent risk to a large extent and provide those with management responsibility with an early alert should any incidents occur. Educating members of society and fostering new research and development are sacred missions entrusted to colleges and universities. Titan Grey is most proud of the opportunities we have to assist our college and university clients in delivering on this mission in a stable, risk-managed way.

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