The unsung hero of almost every major industry the world over, chemicals businesses are a crucial element of modern global business. However, with increasing scrutiny on the industry in recent years, chemicals companies are becoming increasingly aware of the perils of inadequate risk management. From protecting vast intellectual property portfolios from infringement and theft, to ensuring proper oversight over site security and operational resiliency, chemicals businesses face a variety of risk management challenges. The growth of these challenges, both in number and in depth, can strain the internal resources of chemicals companies causing inefficiency and overwork at best, and critical risk management failures at worst. Titan Grey, with its proprietary suite of tools, procedures and frameworks, stands ready to assist. With deep industry knowledge and a flexible approach to business, Titan Grey is able to offer a unique set of solutions to the risk management challenges of chemicals businesses at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. The result is a set of client businesses that are better managed, more resilient, and ready to face the challenges of today.

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