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Allow us to tip our hand. We combine risk tools and frameworks from our work with heavily regulated industries (e.g., financial services) and consumer-oriented industries (e.g., hotels) to create a service package for our casino & gaming sector clients which assesses and manages risk from all sides. Whether it’s a licensure compliance issue or opportunity for better brand management, Titan Grey is able to provide value and help reduce threats across the board. We offer best-in-class compliance program development services, complete with internal audit design and attestation tracking implementation, as well as training and deployment services to help bring what’s on the page to life within your organization. From a consumer-facing perspective, we help build a procedures architecture to systematize service offerings with routine audit and attestation, thus decreasing volatility and reducing risk. Our twin approach to the casinos & gaming industry allows us to help our clients meet and exceed regulator and customer expectations, thus driving value both in the short and long term.

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