Aviation, Transportation & Logistics


The world’s aviation, transportation and logistics needs have evolved more in the last 20 years than in the prior 200. From the eCommerce revolution driving the skyrocketing demand for shipping, to social media filling an entire generation with wanderlust, the business of getting people and things from point A to point B is growing in scope and scale. And with this growth in the aviation, transportation and logistics industry comes increased complexity and exposure to risk. With its deep experience and proprietary suite of tools, procedures and frameworks, Titan Grey is able to assist clients in the aviation, transportation and logistics industries identify, assess and control existing and emerging risks which threaten the value of their businesses. From ensuring proper oversight procedures for aircraft and vehicle maintenance workstreams, to deploying personnel training and policy attestation protocols to prevent workplace harassment, Titan Grey’s service offerings are designed to meet the challenges specific to the needs of its clients in the aviation, transportation and logistics industry.

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