Internal Monitoring Capabilities


Timely monitoring of employee communication is an essential component of a full-spectrum risk management program. In decades past, the monitoring of employee communication was deployed mainly in the compliance and risk departments of financial institutions and business organizations working with classified data sets. In recent years, however, businesses in seemingly all industries are exposed to harsh fines, sanctions and other punitive measures for violations of laws and regulations in areas such as global anti-corruption, international trade, and others. The ability to monitor communications in real-time for indications of transgressive behavior is a key difference-maker among risk management programs. Firms employing such capabilities have the opportunity to diagnose and quash potential illegal activity and self-report to applicable regulators if the situation so requires, whereas firms without are simply “flying blind.” Titan Grey, with its background in service to global financial institutions, is able to deploy tier-1 monitoring capabilities and build a structured program around such monitoring activity for clients in all industry sectors and at any stage of corporate maturity.

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