Cybersecurity is quickly becoming the most prevalent risk factor to businesses in every industry. Companies small and large are increasingly becoming targets of hacking, whether by private, corporate or state-sponsored actors. Penalties arrive in a variety of forms: regulatory penalties, litigation, loss of brand equity, and others. When totaled, they represent a set of consequences that no company wants to risk facing without any preventative measures in place. The demand for cybersecurity risk management services is therefore, fittingly, at an all-time high. But while a variety of organizations may offer services comprising just a piece of a successful cybersecurity risk management program, Titan Grey is able to offer a full-scope solution. From program evaluation to bespoke plan design, Titan Grey is able to offer clients a single point solution to their cybersecurity needs. We serve as chief architects of a risk management plan involving technical solutions, policies and procedures, crisis management plans, and more. We leverage our longstanding partnerships with elite IT security firms to offer clients state of the art technical solutions, and we pair them with program governance protocols and employee training to make cybersecurity risk management a part of business as usual.

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