Advertising and Marketing Review


In today’s age of social media and issue sensitivity, there has never been more of a need for risk management around advertising and marketing processes in business. Social media platforms are littered with examples of advertisements and marketing initiatives which, while well-intentioned, ultimately subjected companies to public ridicule or censure. Worse still, these incidents make for easy news content, to the extent that legitimate sources of news media have picked up and run stories on corporate messaging gone awry. While ordinary viewers may rhetorically ask “did somebody actually look at this before they decided to run it?,” practitioners of corporate risk management ask whether the company had effective risk management control over their advertising and marketing functions. Titan Grey helps companies avoid the risk of diminished brand equity associated with advertising and marketing gaffes by creating inter-disciplinary review frameworks within companies to provide necessary oversight on the activities of internal and third party creators of advertising and marketing content before it is published. These bespoke procedures are a highly sought-after service offering of Titan Grey, owing to our deep experience in assisting companies manage risk around corporate identity and brand presence.

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