Travel Security @ A Natural Resources Company

Travel Security @ A Natural Resources Company



The COO and Head of Human Resources of a US-based natural resources company contacted Titan Grey with concerns about the safety and security of the company’s personnel during overseas travel on business trips to Central and South America, where certain key production sites were located. The indicated regions were undergoing civil and social unrest at the time, and the US State Department had issued travel advisories warning US persons and entities of the heightened state of risk. Due to the nature of the business, travel to the affected regions was necessary and unavoidable.


The Problem

How could the company better manage the risk of overseas travel by its personnel to areas bearing increased threats to safety and security?


Our Approach

Over the course of several interviews with core client stakeholders in both the US and in-country at the various travel locations, we determined a comprehensive scope of the risks facing the company’s business travelers. We developed a set of profiles for the company’s personnel traveling to the indicated areas, including ports of departure and arrival, in-country travel routes, methods of travel, in-country accommodations, key personnel in-country, and all vendors associated with the indicated travel.

Furthermore, we prepared comprehensive intelligence briefs on the then-current state of affairs within the indicated regions, including forecasting, trend analysis, core event drivers and possible key turning points, all with implications on the security of foreign business travelers.

We diligenced the current state of the company’s training and development infrastructure with respect to overseas travel security and current slate of resources in place to mitigate overseas travel risk.

We presented our findings to our key client stakeholders–the COO and the Head of HR–along with a menu of options for augmented risk management and associated costs. Among our findings were various facets of the current-state travel plans which bore undue risk and alternatives with improved risk profiles, including preferred in-country vendors and more secure modes of in-country transportation. We presented options involving pre-travel training by security professionals, augmented insurance policies, vetted in-country private security services, crisis response services, and others. The result was an organization better equipped to manage and mitigate the risks associated with overseas business travel.

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