Our Process

Phase 1 - Diligence

We undertake a thorough diligence of our client’s business and the issues which we’ve been asked to address. Our diligence process is crucial to understanding the resources and capabilities within our client’s organization and ensures that the solutions we develop are actionable and right-sized to our client’s business. Over the course of our diligence phase, we assess factors including the business’s scope of operations, budgetary constraints, technological uptake, skills and competencies within its personnel, and others, ensuring that our work product makes a seamless transition into our client’s regular workflow.

Phase 2 - Develop

Based on the information gathered during diligence, we craft a bespoke set of solutions to address our client’s most pressing risk and crisis issues. Our process is iterative and interactive; we schedule a series of client touchpoints during the development phase in order to socialize our work product and ensure that it continually exceeds expectations. Our proprietary suite of tools, techniques and frameworks enables us to render state-of-the-art solutions for the problems facing our client. Our chief focus is then to tailor a solutions package which enables our client to bring the state of the art into everyday practices at their business.

Phase 3 - Deploy

For us, successful engagements do not end with a simple hand-off of work product or quick-fix to a crisis scenario. We view our mission as complete only when our client is able to successfully manage risk and prevent crisis incidents from occurring. We work side-by-side with our client’s personnel at all levels of their organization to ensure that our work is acceptable, understood and actionable within the constraints of the business. We train client personnel from the C-suite to entry-level, ensuring that sound principles of risk and crisis management live and breathe within the organization long after our work is done.

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